Keep Track
of All of Your Assets.

We provide hands-on consulting to assist in the implementation of a system that maximizes value of the assets. With help of our services stays up to date on all of your assets, including software and hardware, during their full life cycle

Why rely on Zaco for your ITAM services?

Zaco has been assisting organizations in managing their IT assets, improving governance, and lowering costs for many years. Our ITAM (IT Asset Management) services are built to manage your assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from acquisition to usage and eventual disposition. Whether your internal staff requires a little extra assistance or you are developing a program from the ground up, our team of professionals provides you with access to every skill you require on your team.

Asset management software that meets all of your expectations

Our Asset management software is used to track and manage an organization's physical and digital assets, from mobile devices to software licenses, continues to hold it all together, ensuring that companies have eyes on all assets at all times throughout the IT life cycle.

Process Of Asset Management

The IT asset management process is divided into phases that cover your hardware and software from start to finish.


We believe in providing the most value to our clients while not favouring one vendor over another because of preferred ties. This increases the number of hardware and software procurement options available to you.


Once the assets have been identified and purchased, we will begin the deployment phase to implement and operationalize them. Maintenance


Your assets will eventually reach the end of their operational lifecycles. Knowing when to enter this phase is another critical aspect of ITAM because it allows you to make this type of informed decision. Selling your used assets or recycling them are two options for disposal.

Why Choose Zaco?

Best customer support


Lowest cost

Check out what Zaco's fixed asset management
software can accomplish for you.

Manage assets from any location.

Add the mobile app that your teams are already using on their Android or iOS devices.

Incorporate everyone into the system.

You can give everyone in your organization access to the same software.

built-in barcode reader

There's no need for expensive, bulky barcode scanners that are incompatible with other devices.

A description of the asset's history

With our asset history, you can document and explain the fixed asset balances for each accounting principle.

Speak the language of your organization.

Create custom fields that translate your data into your native language so that it is understood by everyone..

Track the entire life cycle

View your asset's complete history, from acquisition to disposal and beyond.

Create one-of-a-kind activities

Custom activities can be used to check in and out, as well as to perform transfers, disposals, and repairs.

Easier to share

Upload files, documents, and other media to a central hub for everyone to use.

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