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We're a team of engineering experts with hands-on experience in helping you align technology needs with business goals. We offer a range of technical consultancy services to help you get the most out of your technology investments.

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Cloud Computing Consultation

We provide specialized, low-cost expert cloud consulting services that promote increased effectiveness, performance, and scalability.

IT Stratergy Consulting

Our IT strategy consulting services is a set of methods and technologies for conducting a thorough analysis of your IT shop and implementing optimization processes.

Software Consultation

Our software consulting services assist in the planning and implementation of software enhancements, as well as the staffing of software development projects with skilled resources.

Digital Markeing Consultation

Use our Digital Marketing consultation services to keep up with the competition. We interact with our clients to define goals and then implement a long-term digital marketing strategy to achieve them..

Technology is everywhere, but its significance is not.

The primary goal of our technical consulting services is to provide the best technical solution for your company.

Our consultancy services, with a focus on real-time rating and charging, messaging, provisioning, mediation, subscriber data management, mobile broadband data policy management, and loyalty and churn management, include the following:

Zaco's Technology Strategy & Advisory practise assists businesses in developing a competitive advantage by leveraging technology and innovation. Zaco's Technology Strategy & Advisory practice was formed to help organizations develop an integrated digital strategy that aligns with their business objectives. .

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